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Module Name: research methods

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Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks:


Name: Sajan.S

Student No: 2012367

Tutor: DR. Ekta Rastogi


One of most vital factors that govern the business is the satisfaction level of customer's from their products and services. In today's business world, companies are working more on customer focused objective because it will advantage them in competition and also in a long term basis. The business organisations must always be up to the level of the customer's expectations and also must be ready to accept the complaints and suggestions given by the customers. There must always be a healthy relationship between the business and its customers.

Especially, when it comes to banking sector, customer satisfaction plays a great role in the growth and fall of a bank. If a bank is always providing good services to its customers, the number of customers will grow and also people will be interested to do more transaction in the bank.

And if, poor services are provided, then the bank loses its customers.

The customers always move on with the technology, therefore a bank with more technological facilities are a first priority to the customers. Nowadays, people do shopping by sitting in their own houses and they use e-banking services. Where the banks provide SMS alerts and e-bank statements where the customer can check his balances. After the introduction of the tablets and smartphones, the people need application on these electronic devices where they can do banking or avail shopping facilities. For example: booking movie tickets, paying off electricity and mobile bills, etc.

This research is carried out to analysis the customer satisfaction levels in the OMAN ARAB BANK (OAB). The OAB is one of the most respected banks in Oman. It...