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Different skills that I would need to deal with a range of customer service scenarios.

Being polite to customers

Body Language (should always have a positive body language)

Good communication skills

Appropriate use of language

Appropriate dressing

Different producers that businesses such as PC world, Top-shop and Thomas Cook have set up for delivering customer service.

Top- shop: - They treat customers as they have been told, always trying to resolve the situation in calm and polite way. Treating customers in the same way regardless of their status meaning no one should be treated extra special.

PC world: - If dealing with a customer complaint, they make sure they deal with it in a timely manner and don't waste the customers' time.

Thomas Cook: - They aim to provide information that is accurate as possible and be kind and polite to their customers. Their staffs are trained to always use positive language towards customers.

How I will apply these skills to the scenarios provided

You work for PC world. You have answered a phone call from an angry customer who was interested in buying a cheap but reliable laptop. They have bought the laptop but are not happy with their purchase as they do not feel that they received the best advice from the Customer Service Assistant.

I would use appropriate language towards the angry customer to keep them calm. I would make sure I deal with the complaint as fast as I could and making sure I satisfy my customer's needs.

You work for Top Shop in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Lucy is an 18 years old student who wants to buy a new pair of shoes. She is looking for comfortable walking...