Customer Service in the Retail Industry

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Understanding the Concepts of Customer Service

Research Objectives

1. Gain a better understanding of the concept of customer service in today's retail industry

2. Determine the misunderstandings of customer service in the marketplace

3. Find ways to improve customer service

Research Questions

1. How do customers perceive overall customer service in regards to the retail industry?

2. What measures are providers of customer service presently enforcing to ensure excellent customer service?

3. How can retail stores meet and exceed the expectations that customers have in terms of service in a more effective way?

Background Search:

In order to truly grasp an understanding of the concept of customer service, determining those crucial moments in the retail industry that could make or break a long lasting relationship with new or old customers is crucial. This way, we can better understand customers' expectations and determine where the retail provider has failed to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Previous studies have been able to link a service-oriented business strategy to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and market share. If a company can focus its attention on the customers' needs rather than solely the product, the company will improve their overall relationship with their customers. It was also suggested that full-time employees could more readily answer and meet the customer's questions and demands. This is due to the fact that they tend to have more experience and they have more opportunities than part-time workers to become familiar with clients. Furthermore, it was also found that with today's global market front, customers are beginning to demand more. Therefore, retailers must return their focus to the customer and not on the investor if they want their company to succeed in the long run.

Methodology - Focus Groups and Interviews


In order to answer the...