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The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is one of the most important institutions in Saudi Arabia. Its essential functions are to provide various forms of assistance to the private sector and to significantly contribute to the economic development, both in the city of Riyadh and in all of Saudi Arabia. The RCCI is able to do this by offering a variety of services to its membership, a membership that numbers in the tens of thousands (Table A).

The members of RCCI represent a wide range of industries and include real estate firms, agricultural enterprises, contractors, and traders (Table B). The services that the RCCI provides to its membership range from providing data and information, authentication, to the promotion of international trade and investment opportunities.

Clearly, the mission of RCCI is an important one. Nevertheless, what is not clear is the extent to which RCCI is actually serving the needs of its members.

Does RCCI offer its members the services that they feel are most important? Does RCCI provide these services in a manner that members believe to be, at the very least, adequate? Are there any services that RCCI is not providing to its members, services that its members desire?

It is safe to assume that RCCI is not a perfect organization, for indeed, no organization is perfect. As a result, there is always room for improving the way in which RCCI provides services to its members. Thus, it is important that the above questions be answered, that RCCI put into place some mechanism whereby its members can voice their ideas, opinions, suggestions, and complaints.

Unfortunately, RCCI has yet to formulate and implement such a mechanism.

The purpose of the study presented herein is to do what RCCI has not yet done, namely, to attempt to formally determine...