Customer Trail On Restaurant Operations

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The term 'food service' brings to mind a picture of a dining area. However, the food service is very vast, ranging from commercial to non-commercial operations. For the purpose of this report, l will reflect on the commercial aspect of food service operations based on a customer trail report. The following are some types of commercial of food service operations: 1. Free standing restaurant 2. Hotel dining room 3. Coffee shop 4. Quick service restaurant 5. Ice cream stands.

All the above outlets seek to maximise profit through the sale of food and beverages, at their own developed standards and objectives, based on quality of products and service, customer care and good employee relations are some examples. Therefore the entire structure of the operations can affect their ability to achieve targeted objectives. However, consideration must be attached to the fact that, the operation of food and beverage service is inconsistent and are constantly changing according to the demands and expectations of customers.

Our visit took us to the 'CAFE COCO' which setting is more of a free standing type of restaurant. Though it is more of a Mexican setting, it depicts the setting of a typical English dining house.

As a widely regarded attitude, before every meal experience, there will definitely be an expectation on the dining place chosen, which will help determine whether satisfaction is achieved or expectations are met. Our meal experience in this case was the exact opposite. None of us have ever visited cafe coco, our only expectation was on how the place is like and assuming being in the shoes of a customer and what he or she will expect, therefore having a meal experience and relating it with theories and also analysing them to some quality criteria set up like Malcolm Baldridge, EFQM (European...