Customers perspectives in a service organisation

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Part one: - Analysis

1. What is Service? 01

2. Nature of Service (Intangibility) and Direct Customer Contact 01

3. The Customer Perspective 01

4. What is a "satisfied" customer? 02

5. Competitive Positioning 02

Part Two. Service and Design in Action:

6. Why Organizations focus on Services? 03

7. Core Product and Supplementary Services 03

8. High Contact Service 03

9. Customers Role in Service Delivery 04

10. Five Golden Rules of Pizza Hut 04

11. How Customers Measure a Service Quality 05

12. Servqual Attributes and Pizza Hut 05

13. How Management Measures Customers' Satisfaction? 05

14. Four Principles of Positioning and Pizza Hut 05

Part Three. Management Issue

15. Management Issue at Pizza Hut (Internal Marketing) 06

16. Components of Internal Marketing and Pizza Hut 07

17. The tools of internal marketing and their application at Pizza Hut

Developing an internal marketing mix 07

18. Product 07

19. Price 08

20. Promotion 08

21. Place 09

22. Physical evidence 09

23. Process 09

24. Participants 09


26. References 11

27. Further Readings 12

Part 1. Analysis

What is "Service"?

"Services are economic activities that create value and provide benefits for customers at specific times and places as a result of bringing about a desired change in, or on behalf of, the recipient of the service. " (Christopher Lovelock, 2001. p03)

Any activity that is performed to fulfill the needs and expectations and perception of others like customers, society, organizations etc. Today is the age of service organizations as, consultancy services, employment agencies, food, law, and education services etc. There is a war among world organizations national or multinational to position themselves close to their customers to get maximum market share by customers' satisfaction by fulfilling their needs. Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonalds...