Cyber-bullying: Old Problem in New-Age Packaging: (Cybercrime)

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(Abstract)As the physical, social, economic, political, and intellectual barriers of our planet continue to crumble into utter oblivion, new sets of challenges, pitfalls, and problems envelop the children of the next generation head-on. "Generation Next", the tech-savvy, super-sharp products of the Baby Boomers', have been exposed to innovations, technology, and mass information on a super scale. Taking these facts into careful account, we must consider that with more technical inventions, informational resources, and free access to the global village, via the Internet, brings with it an awesome responsibility and hefty social price tag. Hearing the excited and playfully innocent voices of children playing stickball in backyards, Frisbee in the state parks, and basketball on sandlots across the nation, quite miserably, is becoming a pre-historic thing that old people used to do a long time ago. With all of our pressing toward the great technological super-nova of nothingness, it seems as though we have lost out on many of our simple virtues.

Making friends the old fashioned way has all but been replaced with international social networks such as, My Space, Face Book, Black Planet, Twitter; the list is almost endless it seems. While on the one hand, chatting on Instant Messenger with someone from Eastern Germany is a great thing, but missing out on healthy, rich and long-lasting social interactions with our own peers has almost cost us the social building skills of Generation Next. A brand new problem that has surfaced recently is the onslaught of cyber-bullying. This type of crime has no particular face or name; because it is all perpetrated by the extremely unhealthy use of the Internet, (mainly social networking sites such as the aforementioned.)Some of the issues that are going to be examined are the grave effects of cybercrime, preventative measures, and also discuss some...