Cyber Crime.

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What is cyber crime? What are the two broad categories? What are some of the methods to prevent this crime?

Cybercrime is the use of computer technology to commit crime. Individuals who wish to use a computer as a tool to facilitate unlawful activity may find that the Internet provides a vast, inexpensive, and potentially anonymous way to commit unlawful acts, such as fraud, the sale or distribution of child pornography, the sale of guns or drugs or other regulated substances without regulatory protections, and the unlawful distribution of computer software or other creative material protected by intellectual property rights.

The two broad categories of cyber crime are sex crimes and illegally accessing and destroying data.

Sex crimes include online child pornography, child luring, and related offenses. The internet has unfortunately provided pedophiles with a new tool, to have relative anonymity and continuous access to commit crimes like child pornography, which is traded 24 hours a day in online chat rooms, and thousands of images of child sex abuse are available in easily accessible newsgroups.

In addition, pedophiles can lurk around chat rooms, channels, and message boards and use email to lure children for sex.

Illegally accessing and destroying data (Hacking) include, cyber criminals breaking, (hacking) into computer systems and obtaining data that is illegal for them to have, such as credit card numbers, bank records, software codes, and illegally downloading copyright- protected material like music and movies. They can also get into computers illegally and change financial records, school records and grades, also there are trade secret thefts, network intrusions, chip thefts, and

other types of high technology thefts.

Here is an article I found on some of the cases the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office Hi Tech /Computer Crime Team has handled includes:

· Theft of...