Cyclone Tracy

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1.0 Introduction

On 20th of December 1972 the United States' ESSA-8 environmental satellite recorded a large cloud mass, which centered over the Arafura Sea about 370 kilometers (230 mi) northeast of Darwin. 10pm the next day it was pronounced a tropical cyclone, Cyclone Tracy. Cyclone Tracy was a small but intense Cyclone. On the 20th the next five days the Cyclone got closer and closer to Darwin and on the 25th of December at 3:30 am the Cyclone finally stuck and hit Darwin.

In this report I will be focusing on the reconstruction progress. This is important because Cyclone Tracy was devastating to Darwin and caused major Reconstruction progress in Darwin.

2.0 Statement of Findings

2.1Enviromental Destruction

Environmentally there were many effects. As well as rubbish struin all over the place the lack of sanitation ment that that poisons leached out into the environment. Trees were pulled out of the ground, the habitat which was home to many animals such as birds, was destroyed.

The local wildlife was lost. People of Darwin observed that it was "eerily quiet" in the mornings. The food chain was broken and took months before it was back in order. Darwin was littered full of dead wildlife.

2.2 Social Impacts

Cyclone Tracy had devastating affects practically destroying Darwin all together. Many buildings including thousands of people's homes were completely destroyed. All the sewerage and water systems were damaged so there were high risk of disease because of rotting garbage and dirty water so many people in Darwin would have suffered the loss of a family member and lots of grief. Many people left Darwin and never returned so when the Reconstruction Progress in Darwin started the population was half the size.

2.3 Reconstruction Progress

Immediately within days after the Cyclone struck the Commonwealth Government...