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When you have a fear of something it normally doesn't come in the gene of your parents or it is neither passed down from family generations. You normally develop your fear of anything with events that have occurred.

It's not a rare phobia and it's also not a common one but Cynophobia (fear of dogs) has its victims. Both adults and children are affected by this phobia even though they have not had a bad experience with them. But for some people it is a bad experience with a dog or other animal that has triggered or caused them to be conscious and alert when animals are around.

For Matt his fear of dogs is not as severe as other people but when dogs near him he tends to keep his distance with them. At the time when dogs were allowed in grocery stores Matt was cornered by a bulldog and trapped for a few immense seconds.

With his parents a great length from him there was nothing they could do instead to look around in shock. It was only a few desperate seconds before the owner pulled the dog back and could only watch a terrified boy at 3 years old run to his parents. From that moment Matt has been cautious around dogs and even at his age now, he does not associate with dogs much and chooses to walk away from them.

When Matt visits his cousin's house and walks up the drive way there is the dog guarding it. He throws something next to the dog to distract it so he can sprint past it to enter the house. One incident occurred at primary school when it was the routine 'show-in-tell' day. A child brought in a small new...