Cyprus Business Opportunity

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� EMGT-400 IM&BP Cyprus Bisness Report

Student ID Number: - 970002058

Report Supervisor: - Mr. Nihad Hamid

Course Code: - EMGT 400- International Marketing & Business Practices

Report Title: - Cyprus Business Opportunity (First Section)

Date: - 4/10/2003

Table of Contents _________ Page

Purpose: - 3

Introduction: - 4

Facts in Brief: - 5

Section One: - 5

Overview of Cyprus: - 6

Culture: - 6




Social Life___________________________________________________________7

Housing & Accommodation _____________________________________________7





Political Issues: - 9

Economic Situation: - 12

Technology Available: - 13

Conclusion 14

References: - 16


1) Purpose: -

This report is being presented at this time, as part of the summary assessment requirements of the EMGT 400 International Marketing & Business Practices course. In this reports I will try to use all the available research tools (References, Encyclopedias, Internet) in the HCT, to find out the business environment, and the best business opportunity in the allocated country (Cyprus).

I will also try to make a recommendation regarding the possibility of establishing or not establishing a tourist company in Cyprus, which will serves in the first phase the Arab world. Also examine which influence and contribute making business in the host county selection.


2) Introduction: -

The republic of Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, about 100 km south of Turkey. Cyprus may be a small country, but it's a large island "The third largest in the Mediterranean". It's an island with a big heat, an island that gives its visitors a genuine welcome, and treats them as friends. With its spectacular scenery and enviable climate, it is an island of beauty, and country of contrasts. Cyprus was declared an independent sovereign state on 16 August 1960. Since 1974...