"Cyrano DeBergerac" by Edward Rostand: Personal Issues

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Fear of the Unknown: Overcoming Personal Challenges"Cyrano de Bergerac", by Edward Rostand, is the story of a hopeless romantic. The heroic figure, Cyrano, is deeply in love with his cousin, Roxane, but he believes that she will never love him because of his defining physical characteristic, an oversized nose. His intense love for Roxane leads him to live vicariously through Christian, a man with more traditionally handsome features, as he helps Christian win her heart by feeding him his own poetic words of love. Both men are fond of Roxane in their own way, but through his remarkable, selfless love, Cyrano proves to be the one that truly loves her.

Christian has an immature love for Roxane, based mainly on superficialities. He has feelings for her the first time he sees her; he asks Ligniere upon noticing her at the theater, “There! Quick – up there – In the box! Look! /Quickly – Her name? / Ligniere: Roxane … refined … intellectual / Christian: Ah! / Ligniere: Unmarried … / Christian: Oh!” (13).

This exchange indicates that Christian’s love for Roxane is based on looks and social status. He shows his insecurities and feels disappointed when he finds that she may be an intellectual, proving that he does not care about her mind or personality, “One of those aesthetes . . . Intellectuals, You call them – How can I talk to a woman In that style? I have no wit . . .” (9) After this meeting, Christian will do anything to impress Roxane, leading him to try to prove his nobleness by fearlessly ridiculing Cyrano’s nose.

Cyrano experiences much psychological pain in the name of love for Roxane. Although Cyrano is angered and mortified by Christian’s comment, he does not...