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The 1971skyjacking has baffled the FBI for decades. It is the only unsolved skyjacking case the FBI has had. They have not found any trace of D. B. Cooper. All that was ever found was part of the ransom money. There has never been a successful lead to his body or even his whereabouts. Jerry Thomas, a retired Army infantryman has made it his mission to find something that could lead to Cooper's whereabouts. He is convinced that someday he will find a clue or maybe the trail of D. B. Cooper. Up to this day he has found nothing. Once Cooper disappeared off that plane he never appeared again. Or did he? Bob Huddleston was his real name. He was a Native American with green eyes and an olive complexion. He was a drifter and a card player native to Oregon. He had knowledge of aerodynamics and knew just how he was going to make this skyjacking work.

So after demanding 200,000 dollars and two parachutes he jumped out of the aircraft and made history.

Bob Rizzo, a San Diego cabdriver was Bob Huddleston's friend and poker buddy. One night while sitting in the bar, Rizzo confided in Huddleston. He told Huddleston that he was a fugitive wanted by the FBI for counterfeiting. Huddleston then decided he could tell Rizzo his story. He proceeded to tell Rizzo that he had skyjacked an airplane in 1971. Rizzo could not believe it. He had heard about the skyjacking and now the skyjacker was sitting in front of him. Huddleston told him the whole story.

It was a cold and stormy November night when it happened. He had bought an airline ticket under the name Don Cooper to throw off the authorities. Then he boarded airplane that was headed to...