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I. Introduction A. Longest day in history 1. First war input for five years a. General Omar N. Bradley 1.) U.S. army 2.) 1st army for U.S.

b. General Miles C. Dempsey 1.) British army 2.) 2nd army for the British 2. B. D-day or Operation Overlord a. Used as code b. Cross-channel attack II. When and where A. June 6, 1944 1. 12:15 A.M.

a. The longest day in history 1.) French channel coast 2.) Beaches of Normandy b. Prepared for a year 1.) Since November 1943 2.) Supposed to be ready for May 2. 5th year into World War II a. 4,000 transports 1.) 150,000 by the end of June 2.) 850,00 men by July 1st b. 800 warships 1.) 2.) c. 11,000 aircrafts 1.) 2.) B. Normandy, France 1. Europe continent a. Northern France b. Omaha beach 2. Behind Atlantic wall III. The "D" and Overlord A.

Meaning 1. Used in military a. Time or date b. Used for an attack 2. Planned before actual date a. To start a war b. To take control B. The plan 1. Prepared since 1943 a. To defeat the Germans b. To defeat Adolf Hitler 2. The Americans, Canadians, and British a. Attacked on June 6th b. Landed on five beaches 1.) Utah Beach a.) b.) 2.) Omaha Beach a.) Most fighting took place b.) Americans fought 3.) Gold Beach a.) British and Canadians first fought b.) 4.) Juno Beach a.) British 2nd army b.) 5.) Sword Beach a.) British and Canadians first fought b.) VI. Who and Why A. Countries involved 1. United States a. President 1.) Dwight D. Eisenhower 2.) General Omar N. Bradley b. First input of war in 5th year of World War II 2. Germany a. Adolf Hitler b. Lost on August 23, 1944 3. Great Britain a. General Miles C. Dempsey b. Helped U.S. defeat Hitler and Germans 4. Canada a. General b. 3rd Canadiean division B. Reason input in war 1. Germany invaded Poland a. In beginning of war b. Caused France, Great Britain, and Canada to declare war 2. 1940 a. Germany was ready to invade France b. French and British forces protected them c. Germans defeated Allies within six weeks 1.) Controlled France 2.) Know that other forces would try to take over V. Conclusion A. Night time 1. There had been killed many 2. Thousands lye on the five beaches B. Ending 1. The fighting continued 2. Finally stopped on August 23rd, 1944 a. German's 7th army caught in falaise pocket 1.) 2.) b. Finally been destroyed 1.) Germans and Adolf Hitler 2.) August 23, 1944