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D-Day, June 6th 1944, This is when the Allies Came to Ohoma and Utah Beach to recapture France from the Axis power, The Nazis, they had been planning this invasion for months and it already had been delayed, and if they haden't gone on June 6th they would have had to wait till june 20th, before anohter window of oppturnity opened up, D-Day was for a lot of young men a day that was horrible and bloody but a day so vivid, so wild, a day like a bolt of lightning that they'd never want to see it again, but to tell the truth, they'd never see its equal either. Three million Allied soldiers prepared for months to cross the English Channel and liberate Europe. The Germans knew they were coming and prepared the beaches for their arrival. All along the coast of Normandy machine guns, mines, booby traps and obstacles awaited the invading army.

June 6th, 1944 dawned unlike any other day in history, the fate of the world stood at stake. The biggest amphibious invasion in history was underway, 11,000 ships carried 176,000 men to their landing zones in Normandy,. Thousands lost their lives that day many more were wounded. The story of that day is best told in the words of the soldiers who lived through the landing, words gathered from letters, books and diaries. These are memories of a day of war.