D day I found this on my computer i don't even think i turned it in because i did not like it i don't even rember what the assmenent was, but as you can see from this date it is old.

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In the dawn light of June sixth 1944, a strange armada of ships was coming near the coast of Normandy. All the decks were crowed with soldiers, tanks, armoured vehicles, bulldozers, guns and small landing crafts. These were the allied forces invading to free Europe from the nazi control. This was called d-day invasion. The D is for the day when the fighting on the Normandy beaches would decide whether this war could be brought to an early end.

The Normandy invasion all began in 1918 at the end of World War One. After this the germens suffered great hardship. The desperately wanted a leader who could rebuild the country into rich and powerful nation it had been before.

Adolf Hitler, an Austrian ex-solder set up the national socialist party, the Nazis, in 1922. He had a lot of support from the people of Germany because of all the promises he made to the German people by making great as it once was, by getting rid of all the people who went German and get rid of all of them, including the Jews.

He said all the Jews had all the jobs and money and the Germans deserved it all.

In 1940 the German panzer divisions invaded Belgium and France and drove British expeditionary force back across the channel in evacuation of Dunkirk.

They came up to attack on Normandy where lots of tanks, plains, and people came to attack and killed so many people. Many died in the d-day attacked.

Now Europe was on the eve of liberation. D-day proved to be successful and the long years of preparation and training have paid off.

Most of these people fought wildly and gladly in belief that the cause was just one. Tyranny must be overthrown, and...