D's Skeptical and Buddhism belief!!!

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D's Skeptical and Buddhism belief

In my understanding, Buddhism is a religion that has started in India thousands years ago. Mom always say, "Khong lam cac dieu ac. Gang lam cac viec lanh. Luon tu tam, tinh y. Do la loi Phat day,"as I grow from little girl into adulthood. Which means every evil never doing and in wholesomeness increasing and one's heart well- purifying this the Buddhism' Sasana. Buddhism is definitely psychological and it was not interest in satisfying human curiosity about the origin of the world or the ultimate reality, but was concerned exclusively with the human situation with the suffering and frustrations of human being. Buddhism rejects an identical mind-body reductions view as death will mean the end of existence. While dualism that mind and body are different as this lead to an unchanging soul. Buddhism aim at to overcome suffering by understand that the mind and body are two form of experience and together they participate in a circular and mutual relationship, this leads to learning an ever- changing existence across many life.

Buddhism also does not conceive of individual consciousness but stresses appear ness and that there is an underlying unity to the universe.

Understanding my different belief set me into a different direction than Descartes. I will look at skeptic as a form of inductive (to refer to beliefs about matter of fact) beliefs are never rationally justified. The matter of fact equal belief about can be known empirically from experience; their negation implies no contradiction a posteriori. Descartes views as relation of ideas equal beliefs that can be known true demonstratively by reason alone; their negation implies a contradiction a priori. He thinks that to doubt or to question belief until one provide with sufficient evidence.

There are two types of...