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It was a boring and tired day after I finished my macroeconomics test. Coming back home and preparing for the next day, I still had a little time to continue my Stephen King's book. There was an exciting story that made me laugh and kept good mood during the night.

The story tell about when Stephen and his family was living in Wisconsin. His mother hired a lot of babysitters to take care of him and his brother. They was fired alternately with no reasons as his memory. Stephen had the best memory of only one person names "Eula-Beulah". She was a big girl with a sense of humor but "dangerous", he said:

"…there seemed to be a potential thunderclap hidden inside each hand-patting, butt-rocking, head-tossing outburst of glee…"

That was the thing that the writer always thought of during their period. They used to have good time together with many joys and happiness.

She also had a bad habit of being prone to farts - loud and smelly - a kind of horrible and also a kind of funny thing in his head. The story happened just because of eggs. He was addicted by eggs. At that time, he asked Eula-Beulah to fry him totally seven eggs for breakfast. Not very longer after, he yanked all over the floor. The babysitter laughed and locked him in the closet. He began to belch and yanked again, but all over his mother's shoes instead of the floor! And that was the end for Eula-Beulah. She was layoffs. That was one of the memories of his childhood.

I going to writing about this next week. Well, that is enough for today.


Keep up with last week. That was not a funny story but it really had psychological effects. I felt...