Daddy's Girl

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"Daddy's Girl" is written by Charlotte Vale Allen, it is a true story of her life. Her father sexually abused her when she was a child.

Charlotte's father sexually molested her and later molested his son's daughter. Two nights out of the week Charlotte's mother was out of the house, which was when he would sexually molest her. Perpetrators use various strategies to keep the child doing the act. Charlotte's father would bribe her with money and tell her it has to be kept a secret, if people found out they would take him and her to jail. Perpetrators don't molest every child they come in contact with, only those that seem to be vulnerable, passive, unhappy or needy in someway. Charlotte was all of those. She craved attention from both of her parents.

Charlotte craved her mother's attention. But due to her mother's own unhappiness in her marriage, loving affections towards her daughter were few and far between.

Her mother seemed to be always angry with her and favored her sons over her daughter. One of the risk factors in child sexual abuse is an unhappy family life, which was present in Charlotte's family, along with parents at conflict. Her mother often cursed her father in front of her and her siblings Her mother was unaware of the sexual abuse that was occurring between her daughter and husband. I believe if she had known of the sexual abuse she would have found the courage to do something. What makes me believe she would have is, one day when Charlotte and her mother went to the park to meet up with her aunts a man had sexually assaulted Charlotte. He said he was "the inspector" and he had to make sure she wiped, and he touched her between her...