DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Australia - A market analyis by Linda Schmid (extraction of an internship report)

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Daimler Chrysler Financial Services in Australia - A market analysis by Linda Schmid

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to apply theoretical approaches learned at University to a practical environment. The company which was evaluated is DaimlerChrysler, in specific, DaimlerChrysler Financial Services in Australia. A market analysis of Australia was undertaken to assess if this market would be beneficial for the company. The approach also points out trends and aspects which may effect DaimlerChrysler's operations in Australia and the Asian/Pacific region. The conclusion was drawn that DCFS's presence in Australia is important and necessary for the company in order to act globally. The position in a westerner country can be used as a springboard or base to Asia. Especially because the Asia Pacific region has been identified as a key part of DaimlerChrysler's global growth strategies.

This is only an extract of the whole internship report, which would also content the experiences made during the internship and a critical evaluation.

For confidential reasons this part has been taken out of the report. Some of the references belong to this other part of the report.

Table of ContentsPage

1.1Company and Product Overview5

1.1.1DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Pty Ltd5


1.2Country Study - Australia8

1.2.1Australia's environment8 of Australia's Culture11

1.2.2Political and Legal Forces14 Forces14 Forces14

1.2.3Economical and Financial Forces15 Overview15 Performance15 Performance17

1.2.4Competitive Environment17 of Competition18 Power of Consumers18 Power of Suppliers19 of Substitute Products19 of New Entrants19

1.3Marketing Strategy20

1.4Entry Mode20


Table of Abbreviations


CMSContract Managing System

CRMCustomer Relationship Management

CVCommercial Vehicles

DCFSDaimlerChrysler Financial Services

DCSDaimlerChrysler Services

FHBBFachhochschule beider Basel

HRHuman Recourses

LMSLease Management System

PCPassenger Cars

PMSProposal Management System

SMSSettlement Management System

TQMTotal Quality Management

UATUser Acceptance Test

USCUniversity of the...