DaimlerChrysler marketing environment and how it markets the Smart car

Essay by anushka March 2004

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This report was set up to analyse the macro and micro-environment of car manufacturer DaimlerChrysler, present a SWOT analyses and analyse how the company markets its Smart city coupé brand. It was found that after the merge of German Daimler-Benz AG and American Chrysler , DaimlerChrysler is currently "number three" automaker in the world. It has a reputation of high quality and performance. Competitors with a bigger market share are General motors and Ford motors and with less- Honda and Toyota. DaimlerChrysler is a leader in technological innovations and has an excellent distribution network. DaimlerChrysler's strategic objectives are global presence, brand diversity and technology leadership. The company cooperates with Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai to gain a higher share in the Asian market. DaimlerChrysler is highly involved in socially and environmentally responsible activities to contribute to the brand image and positioning. DaimlerChrysler has responded to the growing number of female consumers, and the demand for small cars in urban areas, by introducing the smart car.

It is marketed as a small, but high quality and performance inner city car with maximum safety. DaimlerChrysler has built relationships with its suppliers and has created a global supply network to reduce costs and time. The organisation has a low market share in Asia and has experienced difficulties when merging the German and American cultures in one, which resulted in losses after the merge. Currently, DaimlerChrysler is improving financially and gaining market share. Cost decrease and higher efficiency are the key success factors DaimlerChrysler should focus on. The company should make more effort and invest in the growing Asian high potential market. DaimlerChrysler should also target not only high income-males, but also high-income females as the number of cars, owned by women is rapidly increasing. DaimlerChrysler must strive to achieve fully satisfied...