Daisy's response to chapter 5

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Meg Newell

Creative Response - Daisy

It was a rather sunny, beautiful morning, Tom was out, with his mistress I assumed and all of a sudden I heard the phone ringing, I never usually answered the phone and when I did it was usually for Tom. However, this time I picked it up, and it was my wonderful cousin Nick! I was so happy to hear his voice, I hadn't heard from him in a while. He was ringing up to acquire my permission, to invite me round for tea. Of course, I immediately said yes, I wouldn't give up on a chance to have tea with my delightful cousin.

'Don't bring Tom' he had warned me. I thought this was fairly unusual, Nick normally loves seeing Tom. Nevertheless, I agreed to his terms, and jokingly, but rather innocently said 'Who is"Tom"?'

On the day we had agreed upon, it was pouring with rain.

I had been driven to Nick's in a large open car, and as we drove down the lane to Nick's house, I saw a vast, picturesque mansion. It was just lovely; I wondered who would love in such an amazing place. As we approached Nick's house, which was tiny in comparison to the one I had just passed, I saw Nick and I smiled at him, with a bright, ecstatic smile. I had missed him. I began to get out of the car and I Nick said to me, 'Tell your chauffeur to go far away and spend an hour'. 'Come back in an hour Ferdie', I uttered to Ferdie, who slowly drove back up the lane. I wondered again why Nick was being so suspicious about all this, but I was just genuinely quite pleased to see him, so I didn't say anything. 'Does the...