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Dale Earnhardt Biography Dale Earnhardt was born on April 29, 1951 in Kannapolis, N.C. He began racing in his late teens at local tracks in North Carolina, working full time during the day welding and mounting tires, and at night either racing or working on cars. He would often have to borrow money to help pay for his racecar and hope to win enough money on the weekends to be able to pay it back. In 1973 his dad Ralph Earnhardt died of heart failure while working on his racecar. Crushed by the loss Dale was determined to be more successful than ever as a driver. Dale made his 1st Winston cup debut in 1975, finishing 22nd driving Ed Negre's Dodge in the World 600 at Charlotte which was put together by CMS president Richard Howard. Over the next 3 years he made a total of 8 starts. In 1980 Dale won both the Nascar Winston Cup Series title and became the 1st ever driver to win both the rookie of the year and the series championship in the same season.

Earnhardt has won almost every event in Nascar. In Feb. of 1998 after 20 attempts Dale finally won the Daytona 500. This win was his 71st of his career and was on his 575th Nascar start placing him number 6 on the all time wins list. Also in 1998 Nascar honored the Earnhardt legacy naming him and his father Ralph as 2 of the top 50 greatest drivers of all time in Nascar history. In the year 2000 his son Dale Jr. joined the Winston cup circuit to try to carry on the family's legend. In Feb. 2001 the 2 Dale's opened together as 2 members of their team in the Rolex 24 Hrs at Daytona finishing 2nd in their class and 4th overall which showed that they could do more than just drive stockcars. On February 18, 2001 at the Daytona 500 protecting the lead for his friend and driver Michael Waltip and son Dale JR. Dale was bumped from behind by Sterling Marlin on the last turn of the last lap which made Dale's car lose control and slam into the wall at a speed over 180 mph killing him instantly. This was a tragic loss to all race fans everywhere and he will be missed.