Dalhousie University proposal for new cafeteria system.

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The Dalhousie cafeteria system has some flaws that need to be addressed; the main one is the menu. In some U.S. universities they have changed the menus from instant foods to real foods as it says in this article, "Thanks to on-site feeders like Philadelphia-based Aramark Corp., the mystery meats, instant mashed potatoes and gelatinous peas that fueled jokes and food fights at US colleges have been replaced by sushi, stir-fries and hot sandwiches available virtually around the clock at some campus outlets." (Lohmeyer, 2003, p.60). Some of the other Aramark dining accounts hadsome great ideas; for instance in this article, "New York University students can nosh on sushi, kosher delicacies or country-style meat loaf at one of the school's 13 dining facilities. Sudents at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can buy organic vegetables and specialty cheeses from their full-service, on-campus grocery store." (Lohmeyer, 2003, p.60).

If any of these systems were applied to our cafeteria system it would improve by a lot.

Another idea that would improve some of our older dining halls would be to give them a face lift. In this article it explained the benefits of a new age look to dining halls and the effect on the students, "The spillover effect, of course, is happier customers. "The students compare this new dining room to the old dining room and are blown away by the style of service, the quality of the food and the design of the place," Connolly says." (Alexis, 2005, p.22). This would uplift the students' sprits and upgrade the university, which has already proved successful in other universities.

One of the most important changes that need to be made is the cafeteria times. The cafeteria needs to be open later and have hot food throughout the day. One...