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Case exam


Protect A/S

Filip Nguyen




In this case the company I need to take a closer look at is the Protect A/S. Protect A/S is a company producing security systems such as fog cannons. Company is expanding to the Indian market which is also geographically and economically a Big market. For this purpose I´ve chosen to use the following strategies :

1)International marketing including statistics

-targeting, positioning and segmentation

-possible entry mode


-Macroeconomic Factors

-Microeconomic factors

3)Communication, organization and logistics/SCM

-Hofstede´s analysis for India

-Structures, Downstream supply chain

4)Business Law

-Question 2 solutions

International Marketing incl. Statistics


As first it is crucially needed to segment the market and identify meaningfully different groups of customers. But the Protect A/S is mostly B2B company so it is important to choose the right target group on which it is crucial to focus on. As the company is producing the security systems and according to the information received and found about a company, I need to focus on the B2B market which holds 88% of the total market share.

Most usually it is best to segment the customers based on demographics, behaviour or even based on the benefits. But now I´d take a more risky approach which I think is the best, I´ll have to segment the market according to the type of businesses. Because it´s crucial to know, to whom may I be able to sell my products, who needs them and who is willing to buy and pay for them. I´ve decided to divide the possible market into 3 Groups: 1)Secure, 2)normal 3) risky

1)Secure - Are the companies where the probability of occurring criminal act ,such as robbery, is bellow the mean (lower than in the other), such as Web server companies or...