The damage and pain drunk driving can cause

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OSAID. Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving. Their main goal? To promote safe driving by discouraging driving under the influence of alcohol. Thousands of Canadians lose their family members or friends to drunk driving each year. Accidents on the road due to drunk driving is a plague that is roaming through the nation. It is shocking knowing how people can be so selfish and allow themselves to drive after drinking. What is even more appalling is the fact that with a decent trial, they are allowed to go back into their cars and drive away. Canada is in a need of an improvement in the law enforcement on drunk driving. Drivers accountable for drunk driving should lose their licenses permanently. The damage of drunk driving can be deadly, it will stop people with bad judgment skills from driving, and the number of drunk driving will decrease.

The damage and pain drunk driving can cause is very destructive.

It is one thing to lose a loved one to natural death, but the pain enters a whole new dimension when losing a loved one to a horrible accident that could have been easily avoided. The fact that their driving under the influence of alcohol did not kill anyone is definitely not a valid excuse. Even though victims of drunk driving may seem to be healed, they suffer for the rest of their lives. The effect of a car accident both physically and emotionally could be detrimental to both the victim themselves, and to the loved ones around them. One extra split-second of thinking and deciding not do drive after consumption of alcohol could mean the difference between life and death. The selfish act of deciding to drive under the influence of alcohol should cost them their licenses, if not more.

Once given back their licenses, there is no way to be sure that the already accused drivers will not commit their selfish act again. They have already made the wrong choice the first time. What is there to stop them from doing it again the second time? Having alcohol in the body system will lead to loss of both physical, and mental control. The biggest problem is the mental control. A person under the influence of alcohol is not able to think clearly. When it comes to driving, their mind tends to tell them a lie; that they are perfectly capable of driving home. After the decision has been made, their loss of physical control comes into play. They are not able to see clearly, and tend to speed. This can result in a horrific accident that could lead to a death of an innocent life. Allowing drunk drivers to have a second chance is just like giving them a second chance to murder. By looking at their judgment skills from the first time, it is enough proof to have their licenses taken away permanently.

Putting down a stronger law enforcement for drunk driving will create a nation with less avoidable accidents. People seeing their family members, and friends lose their licenses to drive permanently because of one bad decision they made will definitely force them to think more carefully before they get in the car after drinking. If everyone starts being more careful with their decision after drinking, the number of accidents on the road will diminish by a huge factor. This has many positive effects. It will save tremendous amount of money and time for the government. This is not done. stupid plant man pissin me off here.

Over the last few decades, the number of drunk driving has increased enormously. The only way to stop this from following it's past pattern is to lay down a law to permanently take away a driver's license away if ever caught drinking and driving. It is a necessary step that our country needs to take in order to decrease the number of damages, number of people with bad judgment skills from driving, and the number of drunk driving. Drunk driving is something that needs to be stopped. There should not be any more family members and friends suffering from unbearable pain of losing a loved one to an irresponsible, careless, and heartless driver who decided to drink and drive.