damaging the environment

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Writing Assignments Using Description as a pattern of development

Name - Kartikeya Sharma

Course - COM 1101 - 14

Professor - Mrs. Joy Patterson

Date - 01/20/2014

Title - Damaging the Environment

The place where I live comes under a rural area in India. This area is basically a small town which has like infinite number of potholes on roads. The roads are not well maintained because it is a small town and so the government does not give much priority towards it. There is an increase in population day by day but the growth of this town is motionless. Even if we assume that there is no government to take care of our society, but the people here in this area are so sluggish to even get up and sort up things.

There is not even a decent drainage system in our area and the waste water which comes from the nearby houses goes on top of the roads and eventually blocks the traffic.

The cracks are starting to appear on the roads and still no one in this area seems to worry about it. People here throw away their trash directly without the use of trash bags onto a nearby land and make it burn. Now, these people don't realize that they are damaging the environment. There is a lot of air pollution getting generated by burning the trash and also destroying the land.

The only reason that our nearby environment is getting damaged is because 70% of the people here are illiterate about the consequences which would take place after damaging the environment. And there are people who are trying to build up the community to become better. But there are also people who are cutting down the trees in a large amount just to earn the...