Dance and Flow

Essay by Mehmood August 2008

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The experience I obtained in my jazz dance classes at the Alvin Ailley School (international six months program in New York City, 2000) helped me a lot in achieving perfection and balance in my jazz performance. My international background in dance includes the work “The Look of Love” for choreographer Ann Reinking, “Ballet Hispanico,” “On Broadway” and “Broadway 2002.” The continuous interactions and exchange of experience with Joe Cavise Company, the Joffrey Ballet and ABT have enabled me with the opportunity to develop the technological elements of my dance and bring to perfection every separate movement. I have learned quite important information about the specific style of jazz in my jazz dance classes. In the performance context, I learned from Professor Sharon Wrong the technique of being relaxed and completely concentrated in front of an audience. The numerous workshop settings with students as an audience helped me significantly in developing a sense of proper movements.

The different nuances and subcategories of jazz reflected in my better understanding of the nature and main characteristics of this musical style. All this knowledge I gained gradually, owing to the tireless efforts of my professors Wrong and Max Luna who ensured effective methodology throughout the continuous process of learning. I learned from Professor Luna the Horton technique, which represents the principles of modern jazz. Undoubtedly, my jazz dance experience relates to my degree in Human development because the art of dance is associated with adequate development of my personality as well as with willingness to influence the educational realization of young children.

The most important thing I did and learned in my jazz dance classes, especially at Steps on Broadway in New York City (2000), is that jazz relies extremely on balance. As professors Rick Attwell and Debbie Rosh used to say, I needed...