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Education is a tiny seed that needs to be nurtured and cared for so it can grow and blossom into a big strong tree that can withstand even the toughest storms. This was shown to be true even in dance class this semester for me. Through dance I find a sense of pride and satisfaction that I don't think anyone could understand or appreciate. Even when I mess up or it takes me three weeks to get something right, I still enjoy dancing and everything it has taught me. You have been one of the best instructors I have had in dance. I really enjoyed your class.

This semester I have learned that I need to have more self-confidence. I have learned that I can do things I didn't think I could. I have learned that practicing really does help. I learn best by doing things over and over. I am a very hands-on type of learner.

I need to be able to do more than just see or hear something before I can fully understand it.

Dancing had been an important part of my life for more than ten years. When I was four years old my mom had enrolled me in my first dance class. I really enjoyed it and continued to take classes almost every year. In high school I decided to join the drill team. It was ok at first, but then the instructor changed and it just wasn't fun any more so at the end of football season my junior year I quit the team. This was my first dance class since quitting drill team. I thought it would be a lot harder to go back to dancing than it has been. I didn't really remember much of the technique, and it has...