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Lauralee Montemurro!

! The movement I chose is a video of a workout exercise. To describe the movement as

an observer the person starts standing feet together with her elbows bent so her hands are at

her shoulders. Then she steps her right foot forward and bends both knees so she is in a lunge.

As she does this she straightens her arms directly towards the ceiling. Releasing from the lunge

she brings her back left knee up and brings her elbows back down to her sides. Lastly she

repeats using the leg that now is raised at the knee. To describe this movement as a mover, the

demonstrator starts of standing in parallel first position facing stage right. Her elbows are bent

and tucked close towards her ribs, while her hands are up towards her shoulders. She steps her

right foot out directly in front of her, still parallel, and bends both knees to a 90 degree angle

making sure her knee and ankle of the front leg are aligned and the hip and knee of the back leg

are aligned. As she is bending her knees, she extends her arms straight up towards the ceiling,

keeping both arms parallel. As she comes back up from the lunge she straightens the right

supporting leg and brings that back leg forward and up so that her knee is in line with her hip,

keeping the leg bent at a 90 degree angle. As follows she steps the left leg thats up down and

repeats the lunge sequence on the following side and continues this movement across the floor.!

! What I observe about these two modes of description is that describing the movement

as an observer uses simple, less detailed terminology. Also as an observer you just describe...