Dances With Wolves

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"Dances With Wolves,"� started off in St. David's Field, Tennessee, in 1863. During the Civil War, Lieutenant John J. Dunbar tried to commit suicide by riding right into the path of the Confederate States of America, but instead of being killed, he inspired the rest of the Union to fight, and they won the battle. After the battle, Dunbar was given the choice to any assignment he wanted, and chose to go out West. When he went to his post, he found it empty, but had plenty of provisions for everyone that he thought was there. But, being a true soldier, decided to wait for the other troops. None of them showed up. After a while, he found Indians, who didn't know whether to kill him or make peace with him. Dunbar, however, decided to go make peace, and while riding out to meet them, found an Indian woman trying to commit suicide.

He stopped her, and carried her back to the Indian village. The Indians and he both made peace with each other, and became very good friends, giving each other food and clothing. Eventually, the Lieutenant learned the language of the Indians, and also found out that the woman that he saved spoke English, so that they could communicate. The Lieutenant found a friend, which was a wolf, and became friendly with it, letting it eat from his hand. From this knowledge, the Indians named Dunbar, "Dances With Wolves"�. From then on, he helped the Sioux Indians fight against the Pawnee, by giving them guns. During this time, the Indian woman who was actually white but was raised as an Indian and Dances With Wolves fell in love and married. Then, Dances With Wolves told the Indians that more white men were coming,