"Dances with wolves"

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“Dances with Wolves” is a 1990 Epic film, telling the story of John Dunbar, a United States cavalry officer in the 1860s. The movie opens during a quiet period in a battle of the US Civil War. John Dunbar attempts to commit suicide, after learning that his leg has to be amputated. He rides a horse across the line of fire, unexpectedly rallying his fellow soldiers into the Confederate positions. This establishes a diversion, and Dunbar is named a hero by his commanding officer, while his leg is saved.

Dunbar, the main protagonist, is offered his choice of posting, and Cisco, the horse who carried him. Dunbar requests a transfer to the Western Frontier, wanting to see it before it was gone. Dunbar arrives at Fort Sedgwick with fresh supplies, and finds it deserted. He is the only man around for miles, and his only companions are Cisco, his faithful horse, and Two Socks, a wolf he befriends.

Over time Dunbar becomes lonely, until he is discovered by his Sioux neighbours. At first the Indians and Dunbar are held by the language barrier, but soon they begin to communicate, learning a few words of each language. Interaction becomes even easier with the help of Stands With A Fist, who acts as an interpreter. In time they understand each other, and Dunbar is astounded by their customs. He documents the way they get to know each other, and soon enough he is welcomed to join a buffalo hunt, one of the most thrilling scenes in the movie. Dunbar becomes that accustomed to them, he even helps to defend the settlement, against the Pawnee, providing the Sioux warriors with rifles and ammunition. He is accepted as a full member of the tribe, and given the name Shumanitutonka Ob Wachi,