Dancing With Grandpa

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Once upon a time, in the land of Faery Tail, lived a beautiful little mouse named Emma. Her biological mother died giving birth to her. She lived in the attic of a large mouse house with her stepmother and two stepsisters. She wore rags, had not washed in years, and was covered from head to toe with spider webs, for her wicked stepmother had made her clean the mouse hole daily. Her sisters never seemed to do much of anything; instead, they often drowned themselves with luxuries.

Emma dreamed of meeting her father, Lord Mouseking. She had never in her life met this Father who had given birth to her, for they were forbidden to enter the tall tower he lived in because there were some evil-doers he knew whom he was afraid would harm the royal family. Rumor said that no one knew much about this King, but every so often he would have a ball of some sort for the citizens to meet him.

Emma always knew in her heart that her father was a kind, loving mouse. After all, ever since Emma could remember, he had always supported her family by providing them with food, money, and necessities. Each year, on her birthday, Lord Mouseking would always send a cake, a present, and a card wishing her all the best, telling her that he loved her very much and looked forward to meeting her someday.

One day a mail carrier came to her mouse hole, carrying a letter. The letter read,

"To All Mice of Faery Tail,

The Lord Mouseking's 106th birthday is just around the corner. A dance will be held at Mouseport's Champagne Tower on the 4th of September in celebration."

This is my big chance, thought Emma, I can finally meet Daddy!

"Emma, what...