Dancing With the Wolfs Movie Summary by Priscilla Rodriguez

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Summary ~ Hurt in the battle, Lieutenant John decides that instead of having his leg cut off he would just kill himself by riding his horse into the enemy. However, the enemy failed to kill him and it just made him a 'hero'. They gave him the chance to choose his next trip. He decided he would go to the frontier before it was completely gone. In his journey he finds an abandoned fort and Lieutenant John sets to work and repairing it, meanwhile he records his thoughts in a journal he kept. Days passed and a nearby Sioux indian tries to steal John's horse, but he wakes up in time and kinda scared off the Indian, but that same night little kids from the tribe, stole his horses and when he went to verify what was happening he hit his head with the top of the door and was knocked unconscious.

The next morning he decides to explore the area, and by surprise he spots a woman near a tree. As he gets closer with his horse the woman turns around and get scared, he comes closer and the woman faints, he picks her up and continues riding his horse around. After a couple of minute he find the tribe and come near and give in the hurt woman who was cutting her wrist under the tree. His generosities earn him respect from the tribe called Sioux With that last encounter the Sioux indians become curious with what they called a 'white maN', they start getting closer and John found a way of interacting with them. After healing from the wounds, the woman he found under the tree named Stands With A Fist did her effort to translate conversations from Kicking Bird. After that John has gotten really...