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Dandelion Wine According to the Webster's Dictionary, a machine is a device consisting of fixed and moving parts that modifies mechanical energy and transmits it in a more useful form. The novel Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury gives us the idea that machines rob us of precious things in our life. As we all grow and progress, we gain a desire to make our lives easier for ourselves. Advancements in technology help us carry out some of the chores and jobs in our lives. Although it may seem beneficial, too much dependence on technology may make us lazy and ruin our health. Machines rob us of precious things in our life.

Past, present, or even future all have the same things in common. From the beginning of time people have been trying to find easy ways out of everything and reduce the amount of work. Such as the cavemen who fell upon the idea of the wheel to make an easier means to transport things.

As years gone by people became more intelligent and lazy so they created means of machinery. Even through the present and future we will invent more machinery that will solve all our problems in life. In the present right now we have cars, factories, appliances, and so much more these things rob us of every little bit of work and we are use to this. The future generations of children have it more easily than those back in the past. Such as in the book Dandelion Wine, Douglas's grandfather wakes up in the morning to mow his lawn.

And it began on a morning such as this when a boarder, a nephew, a cousin, a son or grandson came out on the law below and moved in consecutively smaller quadrangles north and east and south and west with a clatter of rotating metal through the sweet summer grass. (48) In this sentence it shows us that a lawn mower has robed us of precious things in our life. People use to have knifes to do this and it gives us exercise but the machine has taken this away from us.

Seems like the town is full of machines," said Douglas, running. "Mr. Auffmann and his Happiness Machine, Miss Fern and Miss Roberta and their Green Machine. (80) Douglas is right everyone now in society has to have a machine to do his or her hard work.

Machinery can ruin our health also. The use of machine means the use of gasoline, which means the reduction of the ozone layer and the reduction of the ozone layer, means the reduction of health. This causes holes in the ozone layer. People's bad heath is the reason due to this. Skin cancer is also connected to this in a way since there are holes in the ozone layer. Breathing in carbon dioxide can also result in death according to scientific studies. Carbon Dioxide is also the main reason why people die in cars. This is an example how machines can ruin your health. Back in the old ages people used the hard way, which means more work. More work makes you more fit and have bigger muscles, thus this can give better health. Some people think machines are our problems solvers but are they really? To me it is kind of in a way but it also ruins your health. In this society today everyone and I mean everyone have a machines to use. Cars today are the main things people buy, they are the ways of transportation from a location to another. But machines are killers also they cause us to loose are lives in accidents.

There was a terrible thud. The Green Machine sailed on in the hot daylight, under the shady chestnut trees, past the ripening apple trees. Looking back only once, the two old ladies' eyes filled with faded horror. (94) In this incident a machine has caused a terrible accident but luckily no one was hurt. This accident helped the two sisters not use this machine again to hurt their selves or another person. Cars rob us of precious things such as walking which gives us exercise.

To me the real definition of a machine is laziness. Everyone in society today is lazy; they rely on the use of machine for every single thing. There is not a day in a person's life that they do not use a machine. Even the day that you are born you have to use a machine to help you live. Even up to your teenage years, you have to eat don't you? Everyone eats. Every family in a household has a microwave to heat up their food and eat. Typing this essay is even lazy since it requires the use of a machine. As I said, everything today in society has an easy way out for hard work.

In conclusion, machines rob us of precious things in life. Machines are an easy way out of everything and it takes out every precious moment you have doing hard work. Society has been corrupted by this and has made the society lazy. In addition, machines have created health risk for the society. Without machines everyone will get every precious things in our life. Machines make us take things for granted in life. My conclusion to all this is that everyone is lazy and they all rely on machines that rob us of every precious things in life.