The Dangers of Columbine

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On April 20, 1999, students and staff went to Columbine High School thinking it was going to be just another normal day. However, they were in for a big surprise. Two disturbed teenagers eighteen year old Eric Harris and seventeen year old Dylan Clebold had plans for this day and they were not good ones. There was a bomb planted in the cafeteria that was set to go off at 11:17 a.m. when most students would be in the cafeteria having lunch. Fifteen people were killed including the gunmen who shot and killed themselves and 24 people were injured. People wondered why Harris and Clebold would want to do such a thing. And a look into their past revealed a telling story.

Harris had a website with dume games. These games had very crude and violent imagery and levels with guns and ammunition. Also, , Harris and Clebold kept a journal showing nothing but hatred, rage, and plans for the Columbine massacure.

In addition, the two boys made some very disturbing school projects. Harris made a story in creative writing about dume which showed lots of violence and gore. There was crude descriptions and imagery in this tale. Also, the two boys made a video tape of themselves pretending to shoot a gun at people in the hallway of their school. The teachers were very disturbed by this.

Their plans started in January of 1998 when the two boys were charged with breaking into a van and stealing some tools. In addition to probation, Harris was required to attend some anger management classes. The probation released the boys early due to good behavior, however, he made a grave mistake.

The boys were just acting when they were being good. The hatred and rage still continued to grow. They wrote everything...