Dangers of Dieting

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Many people want to lose weight safely and effectively. There are many different methods of losing weight, some healthy, some not. Many companies offer various miracle drugs that claim to be able to produce instant weight loss. Some work and some do not. Some however, are particularly dangerous. Products that can be especially dangerous include; HydroxyCut, Stacker 2, ProacTol, and ProShape RX. Many ingredients in these supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and can contain harmful ingredients such as ephedrine.

Ephedrine is an extremely powerful stimulant. People who take ephedrine use it to suppress appetite, increase energy, and eliminate exhaustion. However, ephedrine has not been approved by the FDA. Ephedrine has been known to cause many health problems for many of its users. In many cases people have suffered strokes, heart attacks, insomnia, and in some cases even death. In one case a seventeen year old male collapsed during football practice.

He had suffered a major heart attack due to ephedrine use. Ephedrine is a central and sympathetic nervous system stimulant. It causes extremely high blood pressure and may cause the body to do many things that it would otherwise not do.

If the negative effects of this drug are so apparent then why do people use them? People desire to be looked at in a certain way, often influenced by the idols they see on television or in magazines. People feel they must look a certain way to be socially acceptable and that way is usually thin. Most desirable positions in society such as models, actors, and musicians are portrayed to look this way. Some people will go to extreme feats to accomplish this goal, even if it means potentially harming themselves on the way to social acceptance. In the hurry to be a certain way they look past alternative mean of accomplishing the same goal. America is used to living a certain way, fast. Fast food, fast cars, fast everything. It’s no wonder we want to lose weight fast as well. Why diet, exercise, and work when you can just take a pill that will do all of that for you? Because it’s dangerous.

There is a healthy alternative to these dangerous supplements. Good old diet and exercise, in most cases, will ultimately end in the desired result. It is a safe alternative to attain the same look. Granted it may take a little while longer, but overall it seems to be a much better choice. Not only will you lose weight but you become healthy as well, not just thin. A healthy diet, which is illustrated by the food pyramid and twenty minutes of exercise a day is a failsafe strategy for most to have. There are however exceptions. I do recognize those with physical and chemical problems that make it difficult to lose weight. For these people I recommend exploring weight loss supplements that do not contain dangerous ingredient such as ephedrine. A good rule of thumb when it comes to finding a safe alternative is to make sure the product has been tested and approved by the FDA. It is there job to make sure that a product is safe for human consumption. If they have not approved a supplement I do not suggest taking it.

Overall some ways of losing weight can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health. Always consult a doctor or dietitian before beginning any weight loss program. They will be the most helpful in your attempt to create a better social image of yourself. They can offer a great deal of helpful and safe advice for the proper means of attaining your goal. Diet and exercise remains the safest and healthiest way to lose weight. No doctor will ever frown upon good old hard work and determination. In addition to that you acquire the satisfaction of knowing that you have reached your goal on your own without the help of any outside factors. That is the true key to feeling socially acceptable. Even if you do not become as thin as you like you will ultimately improve your health. This in turn will cause you to feel better about yourself and cause a chain reaction of positive changes in your life. Shortcuts will only cause you to lose out on the pleasures of hard work and a feeling of self-confidence.

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