Dangers of Gambling. Explore the Dangers of Gambling Throughout Modern Culture Focusing on Young Gamblers.

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Gambling has become part of this generation of teenagers, a generation that may end up in bankruptcy, addiction and depression. Gambling is like a drug; it costs a lot and is addictive. Researchers say that it could be as addictive as smoking. The consequences of gambling are unknown till someone takes the risk, and according to a recent survey 75% of teenagers are taking that risk. Teenagers are unaware of the dangers and are literally gambling with their lives.

The UK is the only country in Western Europe that permits under 18's to gamble. It's considered socially acceptable and everyone is doing it. The law states that from the age of 16 you can bet on football pools and play the lottery. From the age of 18 you can also go to bingo clubs, play online and visit casinos. But gambling has become so accessible that any age group can play a fruit machine or lottery.

Lunch times are spent playing "chippy" Saturdays nights at the bingo and bandits played while waiting for chips. Gambling is all around and teenagers love to bet.

But why do teenagers start to gamble in the first place? Some young people gamble to get away from problems they have in their lives, to escape reality. They feel gambling can take their minds off family problems or pressure from peers. Most youths enjoy gambling because of the possibility of winning a large sum of money, even though most of them have spent more than they have won. Some teenagers use bandits because of the excitement; the flashing lights and loud music- it's entertaining for them. A staggering 75% of under 18's play bandits and fruit machines every year. Other teenagers enjoy the feeling of taking a risk; but they don't really know what they...