Dangers for Olympics

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What is the biggest danger facing future Olympics?


It all started from the 1960 Olympics in Rome where they were the first games ever to be televised across the world. CBS paid $660,000 to film the games and footage was shown worldwide so that the games could be seen internationally. Some people on the international Olympic committee hated the idea of commercialistation, but they wanted the money as they were paid in huge sums of money. This brings in the factor of money. Commercialization brought a lot of sponsors and most important of all money. This helped politically and the country itself as more money meant better economy, even if it was for a short period of time. However it did take a lot of money to house the Olympics, yet another reason to commercialise the Olympics, so that they can afford to host them. In 1976 Montreal games, ABC was paying $25 million (which was a HUGE sum of money at that time) for the rights to broadcast the games, showing how much commercialization has paid off.

The introduction of TV coverage also attracted sponsors which again had a lot of money involved and was great for the IOC and for the host city/country. As well as money, Politics also had a huge effect on the Olympic Games and from the 1930s the Olympics have been propaganda tools to 'show off' the host country or city.

1936, Berlin the 1938 Olympic Games were intentionally awarded to Germany so the republic could show that it had regained its status among European countries. With the Nazis in power, however, Adolf Hitler used the event as a platform to prove his theory of racial superiority. His attempt failed as African-American Jesse Owens became the hero of the Games winning four...