The dangers of silicone breast implants for women. Scientific sources cited.

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"Have more confidence and feel sexier! You know how much attention women with large breasts command and you know how it feels to see other women get all that attention just because their breasts are bigger than yours. Now you can fight back!"

Women are targeted everyday into believing that having larger breasts will enhance there life. Slogans like the quote from above are examples of the daily influences that lead to the pressure women feel to have large breasts. As a direct result of this societal pressure, many women turn to silicone breast implants as a solution to their insecurities about their appearance. There has been much debate over the possible complications that have been associated with silicone breast implants. However, regardless of recent research disaffiliating silicone breast implants to conditions such as autoimmune disorders and neurological disease, the proven physical risks as well as possible emotional ramifications are sufficient reason to confirm a clear health risk correlating with silicone breast implants.

Researchers have found that 80% of women who make the decision to get breast implants cite a belief that their new breasts will increase their self esteem. Women correlate body image very strongly with self esteem. Insecurities about their bodies translate into insecurities in other aspects of life. The decision to get breast implants for cosmetic reasons is one driven by the belief that having larger breasts will make them more attractive and more valuable. Within this division of those who decide on breast implants to increase their self esteem, there are four common, and often linked, factors that influence their belief that bigger breasts will grant them confidence.

First and most pervasive of these factors is the societal influence depicted by the media. The media portrays women as sexual depending on physical attractiveness. Women get the...