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In the novel Daniel Deronda by George Eliot, the reader may find themselves diving into the depths of several main characters' personalities only to find that each of these major characters have a colossal affect on the novel's main character, Daniel Deronda. Deronda, a young, wealthy

man, finds himself in different scenarios that pertain to every important character in the novel. Deronda can be found feuding with Henleigh Grandcourt, seducing the beautiful Mirah Lapidoth, or sharing amicable company with Hans Meyrick. Although the aforementioned characters affect Daniel Deronda in countless ways, the reader may notice that Sir Hugo Mallinger, Mordecai, and Gwendolyn Harleth are the three main characters that closely revolve

around Deronda's semi-charmed life.

Sir Hugo Mallinger is Daniel Deronda's surrogate father who took care of Deronda during his youngest years as a child. Mallinger is portrayed as an elderly man who is near his death. He is also seen as the major father figure in Deronda's life, and can be seen as an elderly sage with copious amounts of knowledge.

Mallinger expresses sympathy during Deronda's most emotional times and sheds his wisdom on the world with Deronda whenever he is in a predicament that he cannot free himself from. Deronda was brought up by people of aristocratic nature, but Mallinger always impressed on him that he should remain humble and not act

arrogant towards anyone, regardless of their class. Sir Hugo Mallinger taught Daniel Deronda tolerance which allowed him to later understand the plight of the Jewish people during that time and exactly why anti-Semitism was a consequential issue.

One of the first characters introduced to the reader in the novel is Gwendolyn Harleth. The reader's first perception of Gwendolyn Harleth is that she is a young woman who is vain, spoiled, and in some ways...