Dante's Inferno

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If we live in Dante's time, he would be a credible narrator. During this time period the Catholics rule almost all of Europe. People have the fear of going to hell. The Catholics strongly believe in purgatory as well as hell. As a strong Catholic believer, Dante is a credible narrator considering that our souls would be saved.

As Dante walk towards hell, he met Virgil which was proclaimed a great narrator before him. Since this is Dante's work, He would like to demonstrate to his readers that he is equal to Virgil as a great writer. As Virgil shows Dante the circles of hell, Virgil explains the different kinds of punishments each person receives depending on their sins.

In the first circle of hell lies the limbo. Virgil explained to Dante that this is where pagans and the people who died dwell before knowing of Christ. They were lost souls looking for a savior.

As the road to hell deepens the retribution of sinners greatens. In the fifth circle of hell lies the River of Styx. This is where the souls struggle with each other to escape the never ending river of souls.

The last circle of hell lays the chamber of Lucifer. This is where Dante saw the three greatest sinners Judas, Cassius and Brutus were being eaten by Lucifer. Judas who betrays Jesus Christ, while Cassius and Brutus the defector of Julius Caesar. At the end of the roads of hell Dante and Virgil reached the way to earth.

In conclusion, Dante's Inferno was representing the world where he lives in as hell; Dante is a strong Catholic believer as and a great literature writer. He implies his strong Catholic beliefs and political integrity to his work. In the end of hell, where he saw Judas, Cassius,