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Darby Crash!!! Darby Crash was born Jan Paul Beahm in 1958. He was the youngest of four children. His mother was Faith Beahm, and his biological father was William Beorkland. Darby was raised by his stepfather, Bob Baker, whom his mother married in 1964, but retained the name Beahm throughout his life. His stepfather treated him as his own son, and Darby was destroyed by his stepfather's death in 1971. At the age of 13, Darby then went to find his father, William Beorkland, only to find that he too had passed away.

In 1969, his brother, Bobby, had overdosed on heroin.

Leaving no male role models in the house Darby lived with his mother and 2 sisters, Christine, and Faith.

He often retreated to his room, locked himself in for days at a time only coming out for the family meals while he wrote; what was on his mind, stories, poetry, etc.

His mother always encouraged him with his writing and reading talents, and bought him endless journals, papers, expensive dictionaries, and encyclopedias. His mother even bought him a portable typewriter, among other writing supplies.

Darby and George Ruthenberg (soon to be band mate) were enrolled in the IPS (Innovative Program School), an experimental program for high school underachievers. They had met each other earlier by patronizing the same speed dealer.

Darby was a very smart boy, and knew that he could manipulate people. And he did; at every chance he could. He would even do simple things just to amuse himself. Things like telling people to "gimme that button" "gimme that shirt" (and the most famous:) "gimme a beer". And some kid would literally run and get whatever it was he wanted.

Darby crash was introduced to the music of David bowie (David Jones) by George. And admired how one man could take his name and have so many pseudonyms. Jan Paul was known as many names throughout his life. Things like: Astrid, Bobby Pyn, Richie Dagger, but also the name that he's most known by, Darby Crash.

I have heard a few different theories as to how Darby died, but I think that the most reliable one is where he made a suicide pact with a close friend (Casey Cola). The article where I got that information from had quotes from people around him who would have known what was going on, and that reporter did some very extensive research.

The two friends planned on killing themselves by overdosing on heroin. They sat together, said goodbye, and Darby prepared the heroin. At the last minute he decided that he wanted Casey to live and only gave her a very small dose. He shot her up, and told her to wait for him. He shot himself up with so much heroin that could have killed him 4-5 more times. Casey woke up next to Darby's cold, dead body in the morning. He was pronounced dead in 1980.

In early 1977 the germs (formally Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens) started playing in George's parent's garage.

His grave lies at the Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California, USA. His grave reads: "Beloved son and brother "˜Darby Crash' Jan Paul Beahm 1958 "“ 1980"