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Darfur, which is in the country of Sudan, is going through tough times. The government along with the Arabs are killing the non-Arabs or Africans. Some people in the UN and US are trying to stop these killings while others are supporting it. The genocide in Darfur has caused many hardships, pain, sorrow, and resulted in help from other countries.

Before the genocide started, there was always tension between the Arabs and non- Arab communities. There was a dispute between the Arab nomads, Arabs that would wander from place to place with no permanent home, and the local African farmers over grazing land (New African). They fought over land grazing rights in Darfur. They shared pastures and water sources, which were getting very scarce. "The prolonged drought and the ensuing famine that begun in the 1980's has heightened the tensions." Because they had to share pastures and water that was in short supply in affect to the drought and famine, it caused fighting amongst the Arabs and non- Arabs (National Catholic Reporter).

There was a big distinction between the Arabs and non-Arabs. During the 1900's, people had to declare themselves either as Arabs or non- Arabs. The Arabs were known as "progressives" while the Africans were known as "reactionary" or "anti- Arab. The outside world recognized these labels. This caused separation in the world between the Arabs and non- Arabs (Prunier 46, 47).

The National Islamic Front (NIF) government in Darfur along with the Arabs started to kill the Africans. (The label non- Arabs and Africans are interchangeable. They could go by either. ) The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and The Justice Equality Movement (JEM) are two groups that emerged to challenge the NIF government. These groups claim that the government in Darfur discriminates against African ethnic groups. The...