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History 9

October 16, 2014

Darius I was the King of Persia and ruled for 35 years. His reign was from 522 BCE to 486 BCE (The Origins and Impacts of the Persian Empire - source). He was known at that time as Darius "the Great" and was thought of by many as "the greatest of the Achaemenian Kings." (The Origins and Impacts of the Persian Empire - source). He was the third Achamenenian king and was the one who completed and improved the works of all the kings before him. The origin of the Persian Empire is attributed to one man - Cyrus the Great - because of his leadership. He was a powerful Persian King who enlarged and conquered many lands with his strong military and created a vast empire that lasted two hundred years. Because of Cyrus, Darius was able to continue, expand and control the Persian Empire. Darius not only expanded his empire by size, but he also was responsible for introducing many great ideas such as legal reforms, developing judicial systems, and encouraging cultural activities. (The Origins and Impacts of the Persian Empire - source).

Darius I came to power after Cyrus' death. He exceeded the expectations of what Cyrus had accomplished during his reign as king, and continued to improve and expand the Persian Empire even more than what was thought possible by his leadership and personality.

Darius was a powerful, wise, heroic and superior leader. He was considered one of the greatest leaders of any nation to ever live. (The Great Reign of Darius I). He ruled for a thirty-six year period providing his empire with a new form of state organization. It started with the military and continued down to the...