The Dark Ages

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Before this time of the four hundreds, western European scholars were always learning and always curious. Many people learned about the world around them, and also they had education involved in their lives. Much of the Roman empire before this time had much control and great power. Their military and armies could defend the empire very well with not much thought at all. Centuries after this, people considered their lives useless and no good the Roman empire and western Europe. This stage time was called the Dark Ages.

After the four hundreds, tribes and civilizations started to fight and attack western Europe. The Germanic tribes were problems for western Europe. They appeared in Central Europe around one thousand BC, and eventually worked their way to western Europe. By the time they had attack the Roman empire they was very weak and their armies were very easily destroyed by these barbarians.

Barbarians were what the Romans thought of these people, and also they thought of them as very uncivilized people. These barbarians destroyed much of the Roman empire, that made it come to a fall. The reason for this down fall is because the way the Romans made some decisions. At first in around the three hundreds the Romans did not really fear the Germanic tribes, and thought that they were a minor thing to think about. The Germanic tribes at this time were running away from the Huns and entered the Roman empire to get away.

The Huns were probably one of the most feared civilizations in central and western Europe because of there fighting and attacking techniques. The Roman empire decided to keep their eye on the Huns and other major civilizations. At 467 AD a Germanic tribe took over Rome, and then Odoacer of...