The Dark Side Of The Bible

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The Dark Side of the Bible… When I first began reading the Bible I was expecting a book filled with peace, love and harmony, but as I read I found out that the Bible was certainly not all about that. Its pages are filled with detailed accounts of wars, adulterous behavior, lust, greed, pride, envy, anger, covetousness, and sloth- all things that it orders us to stay away from. Why does the Bible teach us all these ideas and behaviors, when it orders us to stay away from them? Some may argue that having so many stories about sins and will influence people and help them think that the world is an evil place. Its hard not to think that the world is a evil place reading some of the stories n the Bible, stories of sexual abuse, war, and idolizing false gods. Even Moses, the father of all prophets, has killed in anger and has ordered thousands of others to be killed.

Is this the type of example God wants us to follow? Even Moses' life can be seen as uninspiring and fruitless because he never even got to the promise land after he had been wandering in the desert for 40 years looking for it. Why place all these stories of peril and unachievement in the Bible? The Bible is supposed to bring us hope and help us trust in Jesus, but makes it so difficult by telling so many stories of God not stopping evil or God letting the innocent die.

Perhaps the Bible is just showing life as it is. Its not going to lie to us and tell us that life is going to be perfect if you believe in God. It shows that there are many reasons to not trust in...