The Dark Side Of Robert Frost

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Name 1 On March 26, 1847 a poet was born. Robert Lee Frost has written many works of art and to show his achievement, he has won several awards and honors. The first time that I was introduced to poetry was in my freshmen year of high school. I remember the poem that I first read in that year, because I thought it was a poem that could be related to every decision that you must make in life. The name of the poem is "The Road Not Taken". As I was introduced to Frost all over again this year, I have seemed to take on a whole knew understanding of his poetry. Throughout his life he has had several tragedies, and has watched his loved ones die all around him. Though, Robert Frost wrote poems associated with life, nature, and landscape he often wrote on a depressing dark side.

Frost was never a boy for school. When he was eight years old, he dropped out and was home schooled. In 1885, his father died of tuberculosis leaving his family with only eight dollars after the funeral. Which forced them to move in with there grandparents right after the death (Bober 186). Robert was only eleven and now had to face the world without a father. He was placed back into the school system and did very well for himself. He enrolled at Harvard, but dropped out two years later because his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Then a few years later Robert became a reporter and married a woman named Elinor. Within three years they had two children Elliott and Lesley, their prized possessions (The American Poet Academy). Robert decides to take up teaching, until tragedy strikes. In 1900, his son Elliott dies suddenly and just months later his...