The Dark Soul: Short story based on the song " You Found me" by Kelly Clarkson

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She rose from the ashes, surrounded with a dark aura. The burned drags that she was wearing could barely cover her little white body. She stood there, for a while, dazing with dark eyes at all those people who were holding their empty buckets staring at her in astonishment. She wondered why no one rushed towards her, to hold her, to get her out of the dying fire.

The crowed started to whisper then it was getting louder and louder until it got to her ears: "O my god! It's true … the prophecy is true!!!" screamed on of them. "What should we do with her?!!" yelled another and they all looked at the big monument were the prophecy was written:"In ashes she shall be born… in ashes she shall perish…"Then suddenly, they all became silent; someone was making her way among them. It was the old witch who was heading to the girl.

"Come my child, come with me." said the old woman holding the little hand of the girl in hers and, she took her to the dark forest her refuge from the oppression of the villagers. Now, that the prophecy came to be true, no one would harm her or the little girl, because the last one was protected with that aura and, for herself the villagers knew that she was the only able to keep the girl's evil away from them.

Years passed by, the little girl grew in a very beautiful young woman, with long hair dark as a moonless night and shinning, bright eyes that held a lot of misery and gloom because of her fatal destiny. She was well aware of her nature; how she was carrying a sleeping evil soul that will wakes up by the next lunar eclipse, which was very...