Darwinism and social evolution.

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Darwin's Theory of Evolution

The Evolution of Racism: human differences and the uses and abuses of science by Pat Shipman. Simon & Schuster. 1994, 318.

This book examines the evolution of a theory (Darwin's evolutionary theory). Darwin's theory had not only been used as a product to open the mind to a more scientific outlook, but it had also been used as a weapon to support Nazis and the idea of genetic, social capabilities. Pat Shipman had sought out these evolved theories, which had derived from Darwin's original theory. Moreover, this book explained the flaws of the many theories and where the original thinkers went wrong, by developing a foundation, which would later be used for segregation with a justified reason. The author wants to state the obvious the on going fight that is worth nothing, but an egoistic battle of right and wrong; of society and man, of intelligence and feebleminded.

Pat Shipman has offered a tremendous amount of evidence to support Darwin's evolutionary theory, which rose not racism, but rather a foundation that supported the idea of categorizing men into seven sections of race. The author had not supported these theories but acknowledged them as enzymes that would synthesis an idea, and produce a deformed conception of intelligence and man. The author had worked well in convincing the reader that most of the people who grasped Darwin's theory, had in fact, developed a view that had opened their minds to see a bigger picture. A picture that had involved survival of the fittest survival of the intellects, and destruction of the weak and feebleminded.

Charles Darwin was the originator of the theory of evolution, believing that just as animals had, humans evolved from one mother species (apes). However, he did not specify whether, or not, humans had divided...